The Indian Machine That Produces Water From Thin Air

Water, water everywhere has not been a reality in developing countries where a majority of the population lives deprived of clean water. It is not uncommon to see women and children lining up in urban slums and rural areas with pots and buckets in tow, waiting for the gurgling government tanker to fill their share. Water is one of the most worrisome shortages the world is threatened to face given the complete disregard of our marine ecosystems and sources.


In two rural villages in India, the inhabitants were rife with worry and sickness given the unbearable pollution in their water sources until WaterMaker India provided them with pure, chemical-free water from air. No, you did not hear wrong!


The WaterMaker, a for-profit founded and directed by Meher Bhandara and her family, is an atmospheric water generator that condenses atmospheric humidity, collects and purifies the resultant water and dispenses it through standalone, decentralised units to those most in need. The machine provides clear, healthy drinking water without any pipe-connections or live water source.


The water contains absolutely no bacteria, chemicals or viruses and also efficiently dehumidifies, recycles and cleans the air around it. When Meher Bhandara and her team first heard about this magical technology from an inventor- scientist in the US, they were in disbelief. As they learned more, it dawned how beneficial this innovation would be for India, especially in the rural areas. In 2009, WaterMaker installed the world’s first Air Water Station at Jalimudi in rural Andhra Pradesh as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the second followed in Gandhigram Village in Gujarat for the local authorities.


Several testimonials reveal the plight of living beings drinking water contaminated and teeming with impurities. These people are now recipients of Water from Air, often referred commonly by them as God-given water. For Gandhigram, WaterMaker had installed two 1000 litre units in 2015 that generated 2000 litres of clean drinking water daily.


The Atmospheric Water Generator: The WaterMaker, true to its name, has an automatic power and restart ability with LED functions. The machine comes in various sizes but is a standalone unit that is scalable and convenient.


The WaterMaker uses dehumidification techniques optimized to condense water from air. Blower driven air is drawn into the system through a non-woven synthetic air filter. In the machine a compressor circulates refrigerant through a coil array located in the path of the air providing a temperature differential between the air and coil surface, resulting in condensation.


The condensation is funnelled into a holding tank. Submersible UV is fitted in storage tank to protect from all viruses and bacteria. A level switch in the holding tank controls the water making cycle. Water is pump circulated through various water filters as sediment, pre carbon, UF membrane, post carbon, online UV and mineral filters. It is finally dispensed by tap or valve diversion. Water quality conforms to BIS/ IS 10500 2012 and WHO norms. The WaterMakers are CE certified.


To ensure water quality, all water filters (sediment, pre-carbon, UF membrane, post carbon and mineral cartridge need to be replaced every 6 months, The sub UV and online UV must be annually replaced and the air filter must be checked twice a month.


Water production is most effective in temperatures between 25 to 32 degree Celsius, with relative humidity of 65 to 75% or more. The AWGs (atmospheric water generators) range from 25 litres to 1000 litres per day. Multiple units can be installed to produce the required quantity of drinking water. The 25 litre unit is available on container load basis only. WaterMaker has also developed units that can be used for general purpose water, without filtration and purification. All models are easy to set up, with low maintenance costs. WaterMakers are being widely used at beach houses, community water centres, rural water stations, ports, private homes, CSR projects, schools, factories, health clinics and even islands.


The Atmospheric Water Generator has changed lives and also eliminated the need to save time and allow children and women more productivity than to struggle to collect water from distant rural areas. Several people have testified to stellar health after regularly drinking AWG water which is safer and 50% cheaper than bottled water. These innovative eco-friendly Atmospheric Water Generators made totally in India, are also exported by WaterMaker worldwide.