FluxGen’s Smart Water
Management System Tracks Water
Flow and prevents loss of
Non-Revenue Water

Water is a finite and a shared resource. The cultural and heritage of India has high status for water, which is often seen in Indian scriptures. Till date, since the time civilisations have flourished across the banks of rivers, water is of prime importance. Industries consume large amounts of water, so is the amount of water being wasted. Some industries are of the practise of manually monitoring the water consumption using a system of ledgers and dairies. There has been less / no technological interventions in this front. Without Measuring, it is difficult to Manage. So, FluxGen Engineering Technologies have devised a Smart Water Monitoring System, to equip industries to manage their water resources.


It was a sustainable project on water conservation for TANISHQ, Hosur - the jewellery division of Titan Industries that seeded the need to create a water monitoring system. FluxGen’s Smart Water Management System has digitised the consumption of water at all the locations in the Titan’s industrial facility at Hosur. Enabled with an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) architecture – it is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform that audits water wastage, leakage and monitors consumption in real-time. Customers are equipped with a web and mobile application, which enables them to track and monitor their water consumption in real-time. Suitable notifications will be raised by the applications in case of anomaly from the normal method of functioning, thus alerting the ground staff to take necessary corrective steps and action. FluxGen’s Smart Water Management System has helped to save water and reduce up to 15 -20 per cent of water expenditure in the industries like Dairy, Paper and Pulp, Jewellery Making, Textiles, Chemicals, Healthcare, Engineering and Manufacturing Industries.


FluxGen’s Smart Water Management System has resolved a challenging situation for many industries that are huge guzzlers of water. The best part about this technology is its resilience towards ageing infrastructure, coupled with accurate and instant results that saves companies both time and water.