India’s first 100KM chargeable cycle for all genders and ages

Cycling brings back a host of fond childhood memories and is today a fashion even for adults givien the violation on the ozone layer. In India, a majority of the population still lacks access to motor vehicles and men returning home on cycles is still an image of India’s diversity. Several countries had in 2020 banned the movement of cars in populated and residential areas in a bid to eliminate vehicular pollution. With a host of health and environmental benefits, the world seems to be cycling towards a clean future.


Cycling has gained traction in India with several enthusiasts peddling for a change before the sun can fully settle for the day.


This story explores a young Kerala start-up that has created Tezlaa- India’s first 100 KM Electric bike which can travel the mighty distance with just two-hours of charge. Initiated by Jishnu Parambath, Ashin AI, and Midhun Shankar, the Tezlaa Electric Bike brings fresh solutions with a battery-operated function that allows it to double as a geared bike or a pedalled cycle.


Today Tezlaa, under Jishnu and Ashin, is the only premium bike of its kind that is manufactured in India, with their counterparts belonging to Germany and the USA. It was a robotics firm in Kerala that united Ashin and Jishnu where they discovered a mutual entrepreneurial strive that keyed them to register under the Kerala start-up mission in 2015. Their inception was as a research company where they delved deep into motors, devices and battery packs following their passion to transition into the automotive sector though they have worked on and produced several other genius inventions that are yet to reach the market. Their passion propelled them to assist several institutes, companies and even government projects, thus working their way to recognition. In 2018, the start up finally registered themselves as an Indian Company under Smado Smart Labs Private Limited.


Electric Bike with Triple Features: A delight for those who tire easily, the uses of the bike include functioning like a normal cycle and using the battery-operation to pedal forward. The design is an aluminium alloy frame that weighs a standard 30 KG. Smado Smart Labs manufacturers at least 70% of the bike, including the battery pack which is made of aluminium and alloy, the motor and the connected electronic components: circuits, boards, etc. The chargeable bike operates on cell-technology and unlike many Indian products, functions on lithium battery power. The battery is located right below the seat and has a detachable function that allows any spoilt battery to be individually removed and repaired.


The bike comes with three unique features of which one allows it to be used as a normal cycle, while the second allows it an accelerated power like a motorbike. The third stage is partially battery powered and can also be activated by pedal, allowing the best of both but the automated factor of the bike allows it to control the travel while the rider relaxes, with the occasional pedal when required. The bike comes in two standard colours but has also been customised into red and green.


The team is intent on constant betterment of the Tezlaa electric bike and the product will viable for upgradations in the future without any fabrications. The best part about Tezlaa is that it has been manufactured to suit all genders, age-groups and sizes to deliver a pollution-free ride by nature’s side.