Flycatcher Tech’s Advanced Waste Processors Give Wet Waste a Green Clean

An incessant buzzing noise played in the distance on a lonely, public, road and a neighbouring light shone its dusty rays on the culprit. A pile of roadside trash pushed Kabir Udeshi to create Flycatcher Technologies’ advanced IoT-based waste processor that feeds on wet waste to produce biogas in return.


Mean Machine: Understanding, developing and creating machines is an intrinsic part of Kabir Udeshi’s nature. His experienced hands had developed and operated machines but his heart despaired knowing the larger truth was harmful. Flycatcher Innovations produces and designs advances waste systems that processes wet waste and breathe out biogas that can be linked to the kitchen pipe. The deployed machines process five tonnes of wet waste every day which constitutes 70% of totally disposed garbage and has found a home in hotels, hospitals, societies, etc.


It was while leafing through a Salim Ali Book on birds that the name caught his attention which like the machines, boasts of individuality and uniqueness. The wellbeing of the machine is the heartbeat of Flycatcher Innovations which is designed and taken care of by their different teams. All the different parts of the machine can be recycled after the operational life of the product. The machines IoT-based sensors allow them the power of knowing the cause of error or malfunction before anybody else. The waste processor chugs out more water than it drinks, given the high amounts of water present in wet waste. This extra water is usually used to clean their plants, the smaller ones requiring two mugs of water.


The machine renders a deception with its clean and spotless external surroundings, often mistaken for a water treatment plant. It is extremely significant as a readily available tool that is both deployed and operated with accurate and trusty results.


Wet and Wasted: The spark of change began when Kabir quested for ways to make his home zero waste but soon realised the hurdles that came with a country like India. His mind whirred with ideas that soon created a waste disposer which a friend of his saw and thus, began the demand.


In a world where people are raking in compassion and consciousness, the advanced waste processing machines are the answer many sought for their wet waste. The machines are managed by a group of equally powered individuals whose skilled hands and minds whirr like their technology to create, design and innovate newer fixes to their machines. The vision is to impact the entire chain by starting with this one issue for it is their belief that this is our planet and our health.


Benefits: Flycatcher Technologies is always developing and moving, staff like fluid among the machines that are their own manufactured babies. The biogas conversion helps save 30% of fuel and gas and sucks out the excess water that can be used to clean their other machines. Their method is based largely on renewing energy and is giving to people who sought viable methods to impact their health and their environment. The customer is guided by the team until they are ready to operate the machine themselves, following which the human factor reduces interaction and the IoT takes over from there.