When we breathe we may not realise the unseen but deadly toxicity of the air around us. While a cloud of gloom sets over the country, with the Air Quality Index worsening with each passing year, messiahs of light work through different parts of India to clear the air. These stories highlight the unconventional solutions, as well as the time and research that goes behind them with new methods that surpass the usual. So that something that we don’t even think about, breathing, isn’t something we worry about any more.

The mapping of sustainable ideas in the domains of cleanWater, cleanAir, cleanEnergy, cleanEarth or Forest documents India's most seminal ideas in building ecological resilience. Sustainability Idea Labs is delighted to showcase these ideas as Administering Partner at the India Pavilion, London Design Biennale 2021. Every project showcased here is the copyright of its author/ firm.